Spoiled girls?

I think of it this way, our daughters need to have high standards and even higher expectations. Spoiling a little girl beyond belief is something that I am against key alone any child because that's just not cute however; spoiling a little girl so that she knows that she deserves to be treated with the upmost respect as a woman us all the way right

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What I meant was as far as how they are treated.(by men) to be specific. I would hope that my daughter or anyone else little girl would feel very entitled to respect and love by a man, and never feel grateful or fortunate that he is at least with her. Lol I see your point however. In life yes they should be grateful and fortunate, but in a bad situation with a bad person, never. You see I came from an abusive past, my mother was abused for years by her husband, and I think that she felt as though she couldnt do any better because she wasnt better. And so she took the abuse until he almost killed her right in front of my brother and I. So I want my daughter to always have standards when it comes to relationships and know that she is better than any old rag tag treatment. Now if she starts being snoody at home while she is little :) that is something else lol.
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