The child study/IEP meeting for Bub

It was a long meeting, man my brain feels fried.

We are still trying to find out what works for him and today I think some good ideas were brought forward. A huge one is a one to one aide will work with him for a small part of every day. This makes me feel good as he seems to do so much better with one to one interaction and they will leave the class.

The teacher did note that Bub seems to be utilizing the coping techniques we have started with. Knowing this will not be foolproof or work 100% of the time, he is also going to have incentives towards mini goals for using those techniques.

Having the Aspergers diagnosis has really helped us all learn how to work with him. It's still a work in progress and we will meet again in April to go over what is and what is not working.

So, that's my update. Still processing but I left feeling good!

    Mandi, so you know how draining these can be! Ours started at 9 and was over at 10:30. Thank goodness I have notes, there's no way I could remember everything.

    As far as the one to one aid goes, she will mostly be there for supervision. This is a way to get him out of the classroom and into a less "chaotic" (not that it really is, but to an aspie it very much is) environment. They were the ones that offered this service, I really wasn't even sure how to go about getting him this type of help so I was beyond pleased that they were on the ball with it.

    The only thing that kind of bothers me is that I am not 100% sure the teacher doesn't see his behavior is defiance. It was never outright said by her, or even alluded to more than in some small comments. I know I am particularly sensitive about everything right now so I might be prickly, hopefully she really gets it and doesn't feel that way.
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