How much water do you drink every day??

I don't drink nearly enough and then in the afternoon, I sort of remember then I chug it and then I pee all night...

i don't LOVE water... BUT.. I'm dying to see if the health and skin and hair benefits are true.. So... I'm going to force myself to drink TONS of water throughout the day... I'm expecting mind blowing results.. lol... Clear skin.. glowing eyes..more regular...

I also add lemon juice and lime juice to make it taste better and the alkaline is really good for you...

    I am very good about drinking water because I developed good habits during pregnancy. I am still breastfeeding so if I don't drink enough water I notice right away. I think the water tastes better cold and from the filter. I drink cold and filter water much more quickly then room temp tap water.
      Almost a gallon of water a day.
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