True Friends....?!

People have always said that you're true friends are the ones that are there for you through hard times... I agree, BUT even more so, I'm finding that your REAL and TRUE friends are there during the GOOD times...

I've recently had some success in my career and I've noticed a friend of mine, who has had no problem with me before has suddenly been dropping comments like, "Oh you're so must now" and things like that.. she's also shown NO INTEREST in it.. doesn't ask about it or inquire at all...

It's hurtful .. maybe she's jealous or envious or just and asshole... Now that I think of it, she never really asked much about me anyway.. not that I share a whole lot, but my other friends are happy for me and are showing interest...

I think she's narcissistic and I really don't like her now.. She's always had a side to her that I kept at an arms distance .. but our kids were friends so we spent time together, but there was always something I didn't trust.. I'm glad I never opened up with her..

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