Trying to squeeze into non-maternity clothes...

So I only have one pair of shorts and they're not intended for those of us who can barely fit into our husband's pajama pants these days... but as it feels beautiful outside, I refuse to be in jeans or sweatpants. The result: I have shoved my 28 week pregnant, ever expanding butt into a pair of size five shorts that will not even slightly zip anymore and are being held together by a hair-tie which only looks acceptable because I have on a tank top that is almost as long as the shorts. I think this is the equivalent of a flashing neon sign telling me that I need some warm weather maternity clothes. Lol.

    Have fun shopping for new clothes. I sent most of the summer pregnant wearing short held together with a hair tie and wear long maternity shirts that cover the unbuttoned short.
      lol I did the same thing threw most of my pregnacies. Then it was just jogging or pajama pants.
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