I was shocked last night

So last night i did bed time routines like i do every night.
And my husband is always joking that vincent hates him and is always screaming and crying at him.
So as bed time last night approches i fed vince, and went and told haiden and logan to say good night to daddy abd they did. I went up and brushed haiden and logans teeth and read each a story. As i was reading a story i could hear vincent crying. So after i finished story i went back down to my husband and vincent watching my husband trying to calm down.
As soon as vince saw me he calmed down, so we played a game, my husband held him and turned him away from me and he screamed and cried. We did this repetedly, so i took vince and was about to read to him. My husband came back and as soon as he got close to vincent, he would cry and burry his head into me. My husband kept doing it and vince did the same thing. Then my husband said good night, and i read vince a story, tucked him in his crib and said good night.
But cant beleive how vincent acted last night. He really does hate his father.

    Awww poor dad and poor Vincent. It actually sounds normal to me, this is the perfect age to him to develop separation anxiety. It is also very common for baby's to prefer their mom over their dad. Are you his primary caregiver? I would try to spend time together with the three of you, let Vincent know that went daddy is there it doesn't mean mommy is gone. I hope they are able to bond soon!
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