Daughters father

Trying to figure some things out. My daughters real father is not on her birth certificate, but the state is making him pay child support. He hasn't pain any. But what I want to know, is if he starts paying, could he see my daughter. After him and i split up, he started back on drugs and was actually stupid enough to molest his 5 year old cousin. Would there be any way for me to keep him from her even if he does pay? I tried getting the state to drop child support, but they refuse.

    Can I please get you help..
    I know so random and sudden! But I just barely made this account, because I need real help!!
      Child support and child custody/visitation are two different things. It is possible for a parent to get visitation even if they do not pay child support. Some parents pay child support and never get visitation. If your child's dad wants visitation he will have to go to court and request visitation, you would get a court summons letting you know of his request and you will both go to court and appear in from of the judge. If that happens I highly suggest you get a lawyer. If he is unfit or unsafe you may be able to get the court to deny visitation.

      If you are on any kind of assistance such as medicaid or food stamps the state will go after him to pay them back. The state will go after him for child support and you have no say in the matter, I am assuming that is what is going on here.
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