Water During Labor and Delivery

Sitting in a tub of water can be very comforting during labor. Many women are able to relax during labor when they are in a warm tub of water. When a mom is relaxed she is able to work with her body and dilate faster. Most hospitals will let you labor in the tub as long as your water has not broken and as long as there are no medical concerns.

Only some hospital will allow a mother to deliver in the water because only some hospital have the proper equipment and training to handle emergencies that might happen during a water birth. Many mother say that delivering their baby in the water was a great experience. Some research shows that a water birth is less stressful on the baby.

Overall laboring and delivering your baby in the water can be very comforting for many women but they are not possible in ever situation and at every facility.

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    I personally have no experience with water births but have heard nothing but good things about them, though most of the ones I have heard of are home births.
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