Kids close in age... Pros and Cons...

My son is 2 1/2 years older than his sister... it's a good spread, but my daughter is 7 now and is almost as tall as he is and just as active and coordinated.. it drives my son CRAZY... they seem to be equals on many levels, but are NOT... my son wants her to act like she's younger and she wants to act like she's older...

it's constant some days.. He corrects her, she corrects him... they seem to battle for verbal dominance.. my daughter wants to feel older.. and my son wants to BE older and feels like she's constantly at his heels and she IS...

I can't take sides.. .neither are right and neither are wrong... it's the most frustrating part so far.. one can't be in trouble.. one is not at fault.. they both are.. they both are trying to establish their independence..

I need a beer.

    On the other side, when they play well together.. it's nice.. they are equal on a lot of things and can hang out and watch the same things and play the same games.. but it seems to be a tough spot right now.. and it's sort of heartbreaking..

    I SEE how she BUGS him and I SEE how he BUGS her... I can't do a thing but demand them to be kind.. They can be angry and frustrated with each other, but I cannot stand NASTY....
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