For Fun - What's in your diaper bag?

Hi Ladies!
Just curious what's in your diaper bag?

Here's Mine for my 3 month old:
*Luvs diapers
*Changing Mat
*Diaper bags
*Baby Wipes (Currently use pampers)
*A tiny emergency book with thermometer to help with what to do in emergencies
*Teething medicine
*Baby Tylenol
*A Rattle for keeping baby distracted
*Burp cloth
*Spare clothes and bibs
*Dr Browns bottles with water & my Dr Browns formula dispenser
*Spare pacifier in case he loses the one he has

Phew! I think that about covers it.

    Pamper swaddler diapers, wipes, change of clothes - 2 onesies 2 pants & socks, My wallet & my inhaler, spit up blankets, teething toys, a pacifier, a matching changing pad that came with the bag.
      Diaper bag keeps always in it
      4-5 diapers
      I box of wipes
      2-3 toys.

      Leaving with it and kids
      Extra underwear for 3year old along with pants, socks
      Game device
      Baby food
      Extra baby clothes( never know with butt explosions)
      My wallet
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