2 cm and 50% effaced?

I'm 35 weeks, 5 days... I know I can google answers, but would prefer to ask all of you Mommies on here! What would this mean to you?? Doctor didn't have much to say today after doing my first internal besides my dilation and effacement. Should I really buckle down on preparing for baby to be here? Or should this not change any thoughts on when she's actually supposed to be born?? I'm so confused!

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      The answer is no one knows when your labor will start, not even your doctor. It could still be weeks before you go into labor. The news is that your body is already working and seems to know what it is doing. It is pretty normal to be a bit dilated and effaced at this point, especially since you have another baby. Hopefully your labor will be quick and easy. Good luck!
        I know a lot of women who say they have stayed dilated or effaced for weeks before having baby, but my doctor predicted she didn't think I'd have her on my due date. I had my daughter 10 days past due date. I would be as prepared as you can be.
          Kelly keep us posted! Your time is coming !
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