When do you spend time online?

So when do you have time to go online? Do you check out Facebook, moms.com and other sites while you are at work? In the evening? After your kids are in bed? When your kids are at school?

Worked from home online I spend pretty much my entire day online. During work I check on my personal sites as well and spend time looking for ideas and reading. It is easy to have some time to myself in the evenings after the kids go to bed. Sometimes I also login during the night when I am breastfeeding or up with the baby.

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    My kids ask me to post stuff about them on Facebook all the time, it always makes me laugh when I take their photo and they ask me to put it on facebook.
      I work from home online so most of my time online is spent working the various jobs I have online. I usually work when the children are in school or at night//early AM. I also browse various sights and play some games! I do try and make sure that my online work does not interfere with the children or family time!
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