Work from home or on the go.

I have seen a few moms asking where to find work that can be done from home. I have been looking in to a few things online and I found Market America, I use the site already to buy things online from regular stores like wal-mart wall greens and target. But they also sell a beauty line, home cleaning products and and health care supplements. The site lets you earn money back and they will send you a check for every 10.00 you earn from shopping online. I didn't realize you could become a sales rep and make money until my friend who turned me on to it told me about the money she has started making. If anyone is interested I can get you connect with site, even if it is just to shop and earn cash back. I think its fun!

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    Great that you found something!
      I haven't completely been sold on the business aspect yet, but it all seems pretty legit and worth the time. But it is really easy to build cash back in the account, If you know of anyone that might be interested in it send them my way and I can give them info.
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