How do you get your baby to fall asleep?

My daughter will only sleep for me if I breastfeed her to sleep. My husband and nanny can get her to sleep by walking around the house rocking her but that never works for me, only them.

How does your baby fall asleep? Music? Rocking? Walking? Feeding? On their own in crib?

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    Always had a bed time routine once they slept through the night.
    Vincent is we eat dinner( his before meal bottle, then solids, then his baby snacks). After dinner its play time til about 6:30pm. I take vincent with me while i help with older boys showers. Once they are done and have snack , i bathe vincent. After bath i dry him, put night time lotion( tylnol if needed he is teething), then his bottle. After his bottle i brush his gums and two teeth, hand him to daddy to say good night, then read a story. I give him a hug and a kiss and swaddle him and give him his nook.

    My older boys is somewhat different, after snack they watch tv with daddy while i deal with vincent. After vincent is done i go up to their room and brush teeth, read stories and lights out by 8pm
      My children always feel asleep when I held them or nursed them. My hubby was the one who used to rock them to sleep... he had this baby whisperer thing going!
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