Infant Potty Training Update

All right, so I've posted on this before but now that we've casually started infant potty training I thought I'd share my experiences.

Avery is 9months old and we've been "potty training" since she was 7 months. The reason I put that in quotes is because we're not really training her yet. She still wears and uses her diapers. I guess it's more of a potty assimilation then training.

Basically we started by just putting her on the potty once or twice a day. She was sitting up well on her own for a while so she could sit on the potty chair as long as we were paying close attention. We'd let her sit for 5min or so, but never longer then 10. If she was fussy we'd stop right away so she wouldn't negatively associate with the potty chair. We'd also give her a special toy to hold on to that she only got when she was on the potty. It's really fun for her!

To our surprise she pooped AND peed the very first time we put her on the potty. We thought it was a fluke, but 2 months later she will go probably about 75% of the times we try. She still uses her diaper in between, but infant potty training isn't about teaching the baby to hold it. It's about teaching them to go where you tell them to. Holding it comes later.

Moving forward I'm going to start putting her on the potty more often with the goal to keep her diaper dry. She seems to pee every half hour or so. If I can get her on the potty regularily enough hopefully she'll do all her peeing in there instead of her diaper. She only poops once or twice a day right now and she actually seems to wait until she's on the potty so I'm not so worried about that. We'll probably start doing this when she's 10months old.

If we get the hang of that I'll start using cloth training pants so she can feel the wet if she does go between potty breaks. Then hopefully she'll naturally want to use the potty to avoid that icky feeling.

Okay, that's my story :)

My grandmother had all 4 of her kids potty trained by 18months. She told me that was just how things were done back then. 2 years old was the end of potty training, not the beginning. It got me thinking about why we potty train the way we do now so I started researching. I learned that diapers aren't even used in many parts of the world simply because they aren't available. Mothers have to learn how to teach their kids when and where to relieve themselves from day 1 in order to stay clean. Most are day time potty trained by 9-12months and nighttime trained by 16-18 months.

I figured if those babies can learn it at a young age so can my girl. Plus potty training seems to be such a fight with toddlers. I figured that if I teach her now, before she's spent years and years learning that it's okay to poop her pants, it will be less stressful for her. I modified my approach to fit our lifestyle and I'm giving it my best shot!
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