4 Common Childhood Lies and How To Respond

I thought this was an interesting article on lies. I think all toddler and children lie, wether it's just little ones or big ones. When was the first time you noticed your child lying? How do you handle it? How are you teaching them to be honest?

    My kids are TERRIBLE liars.. lol.. I think they all are... they don't lie much.. more of "I didn't do it". "that's not mine" "She did it first"... Or they know that they can't use my scissors, but I find them on the floor.. and neither of them moved it...lol..

    I always tell them the same thing... "I know when you're telling me a fib and when you're telling me the truth.."

    I remind them that I will ALWAYS find out the truth and THEN if I find that they lied to me then they will be punished, but I will ALWAYS respect them for telling me the truth and maybe they still get in trouble but a LIE will make it way worse..

    I'm big on trust.. and taking responsibility... I make sure that when they DO tell me the truth and even if they were bad or wrong, that i make sure I tell them thank you for being honest and that takes bravery...

    I will always be there for them.. as long as they're truthful and honest..

    But little things when they're tiny... I think they just test the waters.. see what they can get away with.. sometimes... they must think WE are dummies... lol..

    I would gently remind them.. that lies are not good and I always know the truth.. I can't lie.. I've used a little God fearing too... "God knows the truth".. lol
      Most of the time my children lie because they are trying to get away with something. Mind you it is usually very little but still something that is not tolerated! For example... my son is not allowed to bring his legos to school so I ask him if he has legos in his pants pockets ... he says no... I check ... yep there are legos. OR my oldest daughter is asked to bring toilet paper upstairs and she says she did...I go to the bathroom to check...nope not there! So mind you the infractions have been small thus far but still there are consequences in our house for not telling the truth. Even these small things have a consequence. i hope that by having a consequence for even the smallest infractions will hinder larger behavior issues later !
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