Unique Ways To Pacifier Wean

My child is not a paci kid however I've heard some interesting ways friends have broken their children of the paci habit. One told her daughter that there are other babies out there that don't have pacifiers that really need them, and that she could help them if she would give them hers, and he daughter went around collected all the pacis and gave them to the "kids". I've also heard of people who cut a hole in the bottom of them so that they lose their "sucking" power, then when they are broken they won't want to use them. And finally I saw a book about a "Chupi" which is a pacifier who wants to get back home to his pacifier family that is meant to help kids give it up.

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    So many ways!! We are so afraid of upsetting our kids .. My kids LOVED their pacifier.. so did I!!! They only were allowed to have it at nap time and bed, but still it was rough... I waited until about 2 1/2.. almost 3... when it was JUST bed time only... and they could understand a bit... We had the pacifier fairy...

    We decorated a show box... then put all the pacifiers in there... and left it our over night.. and the next morning the fairy took the pacifiers for all the new BABIES... and left a present instead... Both of my kids handled it great.. The first night without.. they were a little like, Hey.. wtf... BUT... I also talked to them about it for a week before it happened... building it up.. "one week until she comes!!".... and let them know that they were big kids and that the babies needed it and it could ruin their teeth now. and it's time..

    In all honesty... I was never too concerned about it.. BUT.. I was also very specific about when they could have it.. I never let them have it while playing or out at the park or store... But i have friends whose kids have it ALL the time.. they try to talk with it .. they are at the park on the slide with it... So, I think that it's more a security blanket then a need to sleep... it's a pacifier.. not a blankie...
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