What happens if my baby is late.

Your doctor may decide to induce labor after you're one week overdue. Or the doctor may want to wait just a little longer to see if you go into labor on your own. It's normal to be anxious about your baby's arrival, but try to relax. As long as your doctor says your baby is healthy, it's OK to wait.
The due date is a rough estimate, since every person has a different menstrual cycle and ovulates at a slightly different time in the month.
After 42 weeks, though, the once-ideal environment in your uterus may become less hospitable. The placenta may become less equipped to supply nutrients and oxygen, and your body's production of amniotic fluid may drop off.
To prevent this, many obstetricians induce labor when it's certain that a pregnancy is past 41 weeks and the cervix is ready – or sooner if there are complications. Other care providers may instead choose to perform tests once or twice a week until labor begins to find out whether your baby is still thriving in your uterus.

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    I think we get so excited about our DUE date.. that ONE day past and I was freaking out.. lol.. But you're right.. it's an estimate of time... my sister was 2 weeks late with each of her kids... I was a week late with my son and they induced me because he was big and my BP was climbing and it was a Friday... My daughter was a week late and I had a scheduled C-section ready (first baby was a c section) but she came on her own... a week "late"...

    As long as that baby is cooking healthy and happy and you're well... let that baby cook!!!
    Right, I had Selena 10 days past my due date birthed naturally , I'm glad she's here though!
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