I won't let my kids eat McDonalds but I Love a QP with cheese!!

I"ve seen way too many videos of what's really in their "burgers" and "nuggets" to let my kids eat the food ...Having worked in the nutrition industry and food industry, I know way too much..

My kids know not to eat it.. if they're with friends, they say no thank you.. they can have the fries but nothing else.. in fact they don't even Want to... the ONE time we at McDonalds, was on a road trip about 6 years ago..and my son was 3 isn and bit into a "burger" and said innocently, "what are the crunchy things?"

AHHHHHH.. I was like, eeeww.. throw it out. Cause it just was so gross.. the crunchy things.. he's so right.. gross..

My kids thinks it's gross but they have seen some videos and are aware because of the industry their dad and I have been in...

My point.. ok... So the other day.. I felt like CRAP.. I didn't sleep, I had a headache, I was feeling PMS'y and down and gross and I drove past a Mickey D's and wanted a Quarter Pounder with cheese so badly.. SO I got one.. I was SOOO happy... took a few bites then couldn't eat it anymore.. BUT those 3 bites were delicious... then I looked at it ...really looked at it.. lol...

Same with candy.. My kids can't have candy accept for a dessert or treat .. yet I'll snack on sour patch kids all day...

Funny how parents will take care of their kids more than themselves...

My question is this.. WHAT are some things that YOU will have but won't let your children? Or vice versa?

Do you eat fast food? After seeing and hearing everything? I tried.. I really wanted that QP with cheese, but I I just couldn't... have to seen the "meat"?... I miss taco bell too.. Lol.. from college... ate it all the time.. then I saw the "meat" come out of a pastry squeeze tube...

    I don't consume 'fast food' but I do like chinese food and restraunt chains like appleby's, Chili's and olive garden .
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