I read this article online and found it interesting: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/brainy-sons-owe-intelligence-to-their-mothers-1339099.html

Any one else find this true for them?

ConnieSan Diego, California
    That's really interesting!

    When I look at my children I notice they have certain "intelligences" that came from one or both of us. My son is great at math, poor mom struggles terribly with it. My daughter can draw very well, I am great at stick figures.

    They get things from though, too. My son loves to read and I do too. My daughter is a talented singer and I sing as well.

    So, I'd say it's more of a mix.
      I like to think that this article is true. But what the article doesn't describe is that the genes are about 5o percent from mom and 50 percent from dad. There might be some dominant genes from the mom that get manifested from mom like looks, character, or intelligences, or like in reading or singing that gives your children a high disposition for these traits.
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