Has anyone else had a hard time finding christian friends living in similar situations. I live in a small town and finding friends who act responsibly seems to be a problem unless I hang out with the elders at my church.

Ashley RagsdaleHartman, Arkansas
    Hi Ashley! I have struggled to fond other parents who share my beliefs and values when it comes to raising my children. I am usually able to find a few who have some similar beliefs and values, but they never completely match up. I have certain things that I feel are deal breakers and I have learned to let the rest go. I have been able to learn a lot from my friends who are different than me and I think they have learned from me a well. I suggest asking members of your church for suggestions of people you could be friends with.
      Ashley Ragsdale
      Our area is so small that there aren't any groups to join. I do participate in the women's activities, but I find myself more comfortable with the older women in the church. Facebook has proven to me over the years that my old friends do not share the same values as my family and even though I still love them all I choose not to socially interact with them due to their tendencies to drink, party etc. I know that I wont find a perfect group, but it would be nice to have other mom's I can talk to about what is going on and the battles I am facing. Thanks to all of you
        Spending time with older women is good. They have wisdom and are not as frivolous as women in 20s or 30s. My sister is almost 8 years older than me and I was always with her age group. Even when I did visit friends my own age I ended up talking with their parents more. Older women make for better mentors and you will learn a lot. Don't be afraid to ask them questions and enjoy their humor.
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