Breast or Formula

I'm don't want to debate which is best. We all know breast is best.

With that in mind when I was pregnant with Abbey I felt this insane requirement from everyone around me that I needed to breast feed no matter what.

In society today do you feel that there is a lot of pressure from others (family, doctors, midwives etc) to breast feed even if you feel that you're failing at it?

Or do you take the stance that formula is the easy way out and it shouldn't be available to parents?

Or are you completely okay with either as long as the baby is fed?

    8Theresa Gould
    I didn't feel pressured either way. I just had a very strong desire to breastfeed and that's what I did.
      I am very pro breastfeeding. I am pro giving parents education and information and letting them make a choice that is best for them. I am so supportive of breastfeeding because I feel that many breastfeeding mom are shamed in public, by family, and even by the medical community. I want to make sure a breastfeeding mom has access to accurate breastfeeding information and support.

      That said I have nothing against formula or moms who formula feed. I just want to be sure that those moms are happy with their choice and felt that they got to do it the way they wanted. While breastmilk is better it doesn't mean that formula is bad. Formula is a wonderful option and healthy babies come from formula too.

      Feed and love your baby. Feel happy and confident with your choices. I hope that you had appropriate help and support along the way.
      In the end, I realized that the only support that really mattered was that of myself (hard to come by when I felt that breast is best and there's little to no supply coming out and Abbey couldn't digest it anyway).

      It took me a while to come to the conclusion that while I tried every trick in the trade (lactation consultants, doctors, midwives were all called) and nothing worked.

      I think I was working against myself. I had it in my head that no matter what I was going to breast feed.

      Because I was unable to do that, I felt like a failure.

      I'm in a better place now six and a half years later, but it took quite some time.
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