Halloween Week!? What crafts and things do you do to get ready?

I Love a holiday.. Any holiday really.. But I have to say I sort of love the actual days BEFORE the holiday than the actual day... I love the excitement of my kids and the feeling in the air and the crafts and the excuse to bake themed cookies and.. it seems even though Halloween is 3 days away... there is something going on every day in their classes and it just feels exciting..

What are some crafts or ideas that you do with your kids to prepare for the day? I have a friend that makes their trick or treating bags.. etc..

Anything fun, easy and inexpensive? ​

    8Theresa Gould
    Our children have been working on decorating for fall. They want to make leaves and color them and put them on our windows. Along with our Thanksgiving decorations and pumpkins.
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