How to manage angry outbursts of 10 year old child

This is tough because we are dealing with this now. Usually to get any response, we have to let him calm down. Then we talk to him or ask him questions to get him to think about his angry response.

Patience, calmness, gentleness and love. That's all they really want anyways. Plus it helps them to calm themselves down.

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    My son is 9 1/2 and ab out every two weeks he has an outburst.. it's always when he's tired and has had a long day and still has homework to do or his sister has driven him crazy.. it's less anger than it is absolute frustration with everything.. At first, I was taken aback.. but then realized that I have these too .. and every human has a breaking point so why shouldn't he?
    There's not much I can say to him to calm him.. he needs to vent and let it out and I listen and nod and then offer a hug if he's ready.. I used to try and .. maybe change his mind or see things differently.. to try and help but realize that he truly just needed to LET IT OUT.. I get it.. I have that too.. and then I'm fine and same with him.. He doesn't address it towards anyone.. he's not aggressive in any way.. he just sort of storms off and rants.. red faced and breathing heavy with that half cry.. it's sort of heart breaking,.. so I listen and I say I know, and I can see what his sister did.. and let him know that I SEE it and he's not wrong.. and then I hug him and tell him that I know how hard it is to be a 9 year old.. and what a great kid he is..

    Venting is healthy if it's not mean.. and not directed towards anyone.. sometimes I have to just walk away and talk to myself... rant.. cry.. growl.. and then I'm fine..
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