4 year old Night time potty training

So ladies... I'm at a loss for answers here. My daughter is 4 years old and still has to wear pull ups to bed because 9 times out of 10 she wets at night. Her pediatrician says it's perfectly normal, but I disagree. I have tried everything from cutting drinks off before bedtime to getting her up 2+ times a night to pee. Even when she does go to the bathroom in the middle of the night she still will wake up wet!!! It's very frustrating. She is a hard sleeper so I know that that is part of the problem but is there anything anyone could recommend I do to help?

    At 4, they're still really young and night time is the hardest part.. I'd say minimum liquid after 4 pm... and then you can even go as far as waking her at midnight or when you go to bed to pee and then her body will sort of get into that clock...

    But in all honesty.. it's just a phase... She's 4.. and I think that just letting the night time training go for now and doing pull ups or whatever you need over night is fine.. things take time.. some more than others.. I have friends whose kids are 7 and they still have accidents at night regularly.. it just is..

    You're going to make yourself crazy.. I would say just let it go and know that for right now.. she's not ready at night time and the time will come..

    Remember it's OKAY!! I know it sucks for you.. but I think you'll fnd your less frustrated if you just shrug and think okay.. this is what it is right now.. she's normal and healthy and it's okay...
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