Any suggestions for helping my son get over not wearing buttons?

Initially my son was fearful of buttons to the point of being scared to go near anyone who was wearing buttons. I have slowly helped him get over that (a 2 year process) but now he still refuses to wear buttons and goes into a meltdown at the thought of it. Normally I would think he will outgrow it, no problem...but he is going to Kindergarten next year and will be wearing a uniform with buttons. Help!

I have my own theory. When he was about 2 or just under this "fear" appeared. I would get dressed to go to work and he would tell me to "take off the buttons Mommy". I think he related buttons to me leaving the house and the sitter coming over? A few months later I noticed more sensory issues and then made the hard decision to switch jobs and work from home. He has slowly gotten better on many things, but some days are harder than others. He also doesn't like sudden loud noises (like clapping) and won't wear pants with snaps either. He has now gotten over his fear of denim/jeans as long as they are elastic waistband. He is a bit of a challenge and really likes things the way he thinks they should be in his head. I luckily can understand why he reacts the way he does to things but many (even family members) just don't get it.
Aw I get it.. totally a sensory issue I think, as well as the trauma of perhaps relating you leaving to those darn buttons.. have you looked into therapy for him? I ask because that cousin of mine had AMAZING success with a gal coming to their house about once a week and working with their daughter.. they know techniques and quirks to help them over come things.. and it's easier because they are on the outside looking in.. :)
    Thanks for all the advice....I did get a bunch of buttons and have my son play with them with his trucks and putting "loads of buttons" in the back of his trucks and dumping them out. This is how we got to the point where he is not scared of buttons anymore. I did buy a Polo shirt and cut off the buttons to get him to wear something besides a t-shirt. He is very tactile sensitive. He loves very soft things. He is also very picky when it comes to what he eats so I have to get creative there too.
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