Your kids share a room? How do you put their beds?

My kids share a room.. they have twin beds on each side, but the room isn't that big and there's so little space left for their toys and things and books and desks.. that a lot of their things end up in the living room or dining room and it's starting to drive me crazy...

I've been looking into loft beds.. the bunk bed ones.. that have the nook below.. but I would have my daughter on the bottom and my son on top.. anyone else have these?

they're expensive and I don't have the $ to spend on beds.. lol.. So any ideas for managing a small bedroom with two twin beds.. keeping it boy on one side and girl on the other??

Soon.. they will have their own room.. maybe in a year or two.. hopefully sooner.. But for now.. they have to share..

    Originally I had the two oldest kids in bunk beds. They hated it! No one wanted to be up top because it was too high. Whoever ended up on the bottom would stick their feet up into the bed above and make the one up there upset. Then my son started jumping off of it. It came down in a hurry.

    Their beds are twin sized, and they make an L shape in the room along two walls. In the corner that's blocked off by the beds there's a lamp and alarm clock. Granted they still jump on each others beds and annoy each other- but that's sibling stuff and it's not going to stop until I can get them their own rooms.
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