Impossible to Predict Labor

It is so crazy to think that even with all science knows about the human body that doctor can not predict when a women will go into labor or even what actually triggers labor.

There will be signs that labor may be near such a your baby drops, you lose your mucous plug, you have increased Braxton Hicks contraction and you may have nesting urges. You may also have some dilation or effacement that your doctor will be able to tell during a vaginal exam.

Plan on your baby being born up to two weeks before your due date or two weeks after your due date or anywhere in between.

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    I agree Katie.. a good friend of mine said she chatted with her doctor while pregnant and they said the same.. of all medical advances and technology.. it's one of medicine's biggest mysteries still! Basically also stating.. it would be amazing to pin point WHAT makes each baby realize their time is up and things are ready to go.. like a little bomb of sorts.. like UMP! Here we go! :) Were your kiddos early, on time or late?
    All preemies!
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