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Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on how to get my little man to sleep better at night? Is there anything to give him that will help him stay fuller longer so he won't wake up as much? We have a routine. Every night, bath, relax time in dimly lit room then put him in his swaddled and feed and rock him to sleep. Am I doing something wrong?

    No, you're not doing anything wrong. It is normal and healthy for babies as young as yours to be waking up a lot at night- especially to eat!

    It isn't recommended to give babies ANYTHING other than breastmilk or formula for the first six months unless it is ordered by a doctor.

    My youngest baby is 3 months old and she sleeps through the night sometimes, but other times she's up to eat at least once. It is completely developmentally appropriate for them to be waking up like this.

    I like your idea of having a routine, that will help down the road when he's older. It's a good habit to get into, but like I said at this age he's just too little to sleep through the night.
      It is normal for a 1 month old to wake frequently during the night. He needs to be eating every 3 hours still. One 4-5 hours stretch is about all you can expect from a baby at night. Remember that he was just inside of you a few weeks ago with constant movement, constant noise, and a constant supply of food. It is going to take a few months for him to be able to sleep on his own and not need to wake frequently. How long is he sleeping now? How often is he getting up?
        1 month?? Oh yeah. You have a while before he sleeps longer. The longest my kids went when they were that young was 3-4 hours. And that was rare. No matter how full. If they were too full their bellies were rumbly

        You're doing everything right. Routine is key. One night he wil sleep longer and you'll be so excited and then they change and the next week he's up more than usual.

        Sorry. It's hard. Embrace it. Welcome :)
          I just read your post on excessive crying and responded to that..after reading this post and the last one, it makes me think that your baby is colic as mine was for the first 3 months.. My suggestion...(1) talk to the doctor they usually prescribe some medicines for stomach issues (2) burp your baby after every feed (3) After his burp keep him in the same position (burping postion..resting him on your shoulder and his stomach pressed to your body) for at least 25min. (4) If you are breastfeeding you should avoid taking dairy products especially cow milk..and spicy food.....You can see the difference...I would like to recommend a book called Dr Spocks..This book helped me to handle a colic baby well...This is like a hand book to me...
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