Pushing with an Epidural

Pushing out your baby with an epidural is the same as pushing your baby out without and epidural except you may not be able to feel it as well.

Then pushing with an epidural you will be limited on the positions you can try, you are not able to push squatting or on all fours since you wont have very good control of your legs.

Some moms have a hard time feeling and therefore do not push effectively with an epidural. If you are having this problem the hospital staff should be able to bring in a mirror and if you look in the mirror while pushing you will be able to see what kind of pushing works and what doesn't. The mirror may seem a little weird at first but it is a wonderful tool in learning how to push effectively.

The hospital staff will help suggest a good position for pushing and will advise you along the way if the push is good or not. They will also let you know of you need to push longer or harder. The staff will also help you hold your legs up and stay in a good position if you having difficulty doing it on your own.

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