Best Things to Bring to Labor and Delivery

-Hard candy
-Massage tools
-birth ball
-Snacks and change of clothes for dad
-Gum and toothbrush for both mom and dad

Moms Expertise
    I did bring all of that stuff when I went to the hospital with my first. Except the birth ball. I didn't use any of it at all!

    What I brought that I was happy to have was:
    - comfortable maternity pants to wear home (no you probably will not fit into your non-maternity pants in 2-3 days. It could happen, but don't plan on it!)
    - a nursing bra
    - my hairbrush and ponytail holders. I did not have time or energy to do my hair.
    - "granny" panties. Seriously. Hideous full-coverage cotton underpants that you don't mind ruining. Tons of people seem to love the mesh underwear they give in the hospital, but I hate it. It doesn't fit me right.
    - a coming home outfit and car seat for the baby.
    - change for Daddy so he could get coffee or something from a vending machine.

    Other than the car seat, all of this fit into a small tote bag. I did bring an extra empty tote bag, because the hospital will try to get you to take home the open packs of diapers, sanitary pads, wipes, and other things.
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