I have been staying with my parents in a different city for two weeks now, husband been slacking off and not taking care of his daughter. I feel unappreciated a date with his fav girls to the movie would be nice, from I had my daughter we having been anywhere. Dec he went with his bro to family trip and left me to go on a trip with my parents to a Falls. I am just tired of his behaviour, he doesn't even call. :((((((

    That can be hard... have you spoken to him about it? Is he receptive?
      He is just acting childish, I told him whats on my mind, he doesn't seem to care, he rather my parents take up his responsibility, he doesn't want to pay for her vaccines, nothing at all. He has two jobs plus he is a graphic designer and marketing consultant. Yet still he turns to me and ask for money. He doesn't pay daycare because I stay with my daughter. I was working until I was four months pregnant. I am teacher and I help my dad out sometimes with his business. He doesn't even pay to get my hair done or anything. I can't rem when we went out on a date night. I call him yesterday to tell him she needs diapers, cereal and wipes and formula, and he just hung up and didn't call me all day. Being the caring dad I have he sad he would buy it and that he loves his grandchild. I'm feeling disconnected from him.
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