Fear of parenthood

What is your fear of parenthood as your children get older?

I have so many, I fear my children will hate my or each other and stop talking to each other. I fear they will rebel horribly. I fear they will have an eating disorder.

Kayla DeLeonSpooner, Wisconsin
    For me I think it is that my Mother and I as I got into my teen years really didn't get along, like at all. We still have a strained relationship to this day due to just butting heads over everything and things that transpired through my parents divorce. So now that I have a daughter I fear all of the time that we will end up like that. And I never want my relationship with her to be like that.
      I am afraid that my children wont get along. I don't get along with my siblings and that makes me very sad. I will do anything I can to help my children keep a great relationship with each other.

      I worry about peer pressure and what my kids might do when they are with other kids. I worry about them doing something that will effect them for the rest of their life. I worry about them getting sick or injured.
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