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My personal experience with sports changed my life and taught me many many lessons. How to try hard, how to lose gracefully, how to cheer for someone else, how to listen, discipline, how to have passion, The great feeling of accomplishment and the crush of failure. All things I feel are so important for kids to learn. I think sports can be great for kids. But sports aren't for everyone. I would never force my child to do something they truly didn't want to do. I think the important thing is getting your child involved with some activity that can teach them life lessons, which doesn't necessarily have to be a sport.

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    I agree.. I grew up playing all sorts of sports.. the team feeling, the camaraderie.. though this really didn't happen until later.. like High School.. early on people were more competitive with each other than supporting each other and competitive against another team.. I think it's age... and the type of leadership..

    My kids HAVE to choose a sport.. Neither one of them have taken to any group sport.. no soccer or football or basketball.. and I hate baseball.. Well, I like to watch it, but sitting there with a little league team is horrible to me.. lol.. They swim, play tennis and and karate...

    But I agree totally.. for me.. sports was everything to me.. Gave me health, friendship, taught me how to lose but it also taught me how to WIN.. with humility and grace...

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      since my oldest has autism and gross motor skill issues I would not make him play sports. I do however want him to do things that teach a lot of the same ideas. He is learning piano and is interested in swimming but he does not want to join a team as he fears he would make teammates angry if he didn't win. It is a hard situation to be in since he wants to be so social but he also has some limitations with the physical things. he has adaptive PE because it takes him much longer to master certain moves, etc.
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        I can only speak from my own experience with having children who play in sports. Honestly, I was not one who cared if my children played sports but my husband played sports as a child. Everything from baseball to hockey. He also coached our children's baseball and softball teams when they were younger. Team sports can encourage parents to become active with their kids.

        They became part of a "group" and made friends with children outside of their school. They learned valuable lessons like how to be a "team player" and you don't always have to win to be the best but you have to try your best to be a winner. Also, children who play team sports are less likely to feel isolated.

        One of the good thing about sports is that many bad things will happen. Games will be lost. Injuries incurred. Your child might be benched, demoted, or not perform up to his/her abilities. Your child might hate his/her coach and feel that he is incapable or unfair. And all of this will be good. All of this will be the solid foundation that his/her later life will rest upon.
          I agree, Leah!

          I played sports ever since I was little.. I think they taught me SO many things, life lessons and skills that cannot be taught doing a lot of other things.. sportsmanship, being outgoing, working hard towards a goal, and just competing in general.. that said, sports aren't for every kid.. if they aren't interested, then something else must peak their interest and that's perfectly okay!
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              I think that sports do teach good lessons... but so do other extra curricular activities such as band , choir, theatre... it shows perseverance and determination as well as hones literary and musical skills! ... There are also gaming clubs and academic decathalons that are excellent also!
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