Refuses to brush his teeth.

My 2 year old refuses to brush his teeth! He wont let me do it and when he does it himself he plays around. They get really dirty and I have no idea how to get him to brush his teeth!

    The scare tactic worked with my kids... The cavity creep or stories of teeth falling out or rotting and then a SHOT.. lol..

    OR... lol.. You can initiate a reward chart.. every time he brushes his teeth, he gets a sticker or something.. then a reward after 7 days straight with no fuss...

    He's gotta brush.. maybe let him pick out his toothbrush,,, they have all sorts of kid friendly toothpaste in colors and flavors..

    But worst case.. scare tactic.. tell him very seriously.. you must brush or this could happen.. and it hurts... etc...

    Sometimes you gotta go big..
      I know how you feel, when my niece was little we had a hard time getting her to brush her teeth, she always wanted mt to do it because I made it fun. I'd tell her to try and hum the birthday song while i'm brushing and I'd tell her to show me how she brushes in circles. good luck.
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