The ONE thing you're squeamish about as a mom..

I can do barf, blood, poop, goo, projectile vomit, mess, dirt... Anything. But I cannot handle boogers.

I don't like the small crispy ones I find in their bed sometimes .. Or on their wall!!??!

I don't like watching them blow their nose or geez if I have to help them and there's a lot or its long and stringy...

Blech. My whole body twitches.

Of course I handle and deal. But seriously. The snot booger thing may throw me over the edge.

What's yours???

    I can handle all that when its my child or my niece, but someone else's kid who has a runny nose, vomit or poop and i'm gonna be ill lol.
      Eye ball things, teeth things, and toe nail things. I can not stand those things and they give me the creeps!!

      I can watch needles, blood, surgery, etc but I want nothing to do with eye balls, teeth or toe nails.
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