TMI- Ahead of time

So... I have reached 36 weeks. The due date from my LMP would have been yesterday 3/12, but the ultrasound date was about 4 weeks different that puts me at 4/10 as a due date. There was no good explanation for the discrepancy so we've just kinda went with it.

Baby dropped a couple weeks ago-

Now.... That is all fine and dandy and here comes the not so nice parts of my story (LOL)

About a week ago, after going to the bathroom- I noticed I lost the mucus plug already.
Now for about three days, I've been to the bathroom nonstop. I thought going pee constantly was bad enough, going #2 constantly now is terrible!!!

So some questions for you all-
1. How close were all of you to LMP due dates vs. ultrasound due dates?

2. What did losing the mucus plug mean to you?
3. How soon after losing mucus plug did baby come?
4. Is there any relief for visiting the potty constantly?! Any explanations?!

Feel free to answer as many or few as you want... I'm just very curious!

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          It sounds like you are very, very close to labor. All the symptoms you are describing sound like prelabor and early labor symptoms. Your mucous plug can come out weeks before true labor starts. Frequent bowel movements is a sign that your baby has dropped very low and that your hormones are changing. If the ultrasound was done early in your pregnancy that is probably the most accurate date.
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