Poor vince!!! And rough day for me

So after vincent well check he was crabby but not to bad.

Today however he is not himself. Lift or touch his legs he cries. He normally eat 5-6oz but now only eats 4oz. Tylnol has been his best friend. He doesnt want to be put down either.

Now to my rough day. Already this morning while getting ready for school it was a compition. Then i get home with logan and vince and logan was nothing but meltdown tantrum city. I had enough and put him in his room.
I went to make lunch, vince was happy playing, logan playing. I heard vince cry like he got hurt. So went to check, logan was hiding like always when he knows he was naughty. I ask logan what did he do, he said hit vince on his legs. Vinces legs already a bruise from his shots snd tender was hurt cuz ir hurt him.

Thank god its nap time.

    Awww, poor guy! Have you tried putting a warm compress on his leg? That always helped my baby when the leg was sore from shots.
      No he dont like anything touch his leg
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