Charlies Rules for Mom.

Charlies Rules for Mom: 1. You may not sit down. 2. You may not stand up. 3. At lunchtime you will put your lunch on the counter and walk me around. You are allowed one bite during each lap around the kitchen. 4. Naptime means it's MY naptime. Not yours. 5. I know when you're about to get comfortable, when you're food is hot, when you have to go potty. At that moment I will have to do those things too. Failure to comply will result in a) a serious meltdown, b) that frowny face that makes you want to punch yourself in your own throat, or c) a mixture of both. Now. I see that you have finally sat down to eat. My diaper is suddenly full. Love you mama. xoxo, Charlie.

Ahh geez, him just being in my life is enough. Never thought I could have kids so... if anyone ever told me that my dinner time conversation would be about what kind of poop was in the diaper today... smh. But I love it, and I love him. And even though he spent the last 4 hours enforcing above rules, the fact that I figured it out (I guess) is astounding.. because he's laying next to me on the couch smiling and kicking exercising :)
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