How to get older child to sleep in his own bed

We have grown more easy going as the years have passed. Our oldest was required to go to bed, stay in bed and go to sleep on her own after reading, prayers and singing.

Then we gradually started to lay down with our children, read, sing, pray and sometimes fall asleep with them!

After our second child all our children have had someone to go to bed with, except our oldest son until our second son was born, but we did the above with him too.

This is one of those things where we have chosen not to make it a battle of a child staying in bed or sleeping in their own bed, but a pleasant memory of being put to bed.

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    8Theresa Gould
    Just a nice little wake up alarm :)
      My youngest is 3, and he slept in his own bed up until we moved him to a toddler bed. After that he goes to sleep in his bed but always ends up between his father and me by morning.
        That's very nice, Theresa. I did that too with all my 3 kids. They loved to see me sleeping with them and asked me telling about my good, bad & funny past memories when I was a kid. (we did this when their ages: 4 - 12 yrs old). My girls stay in one bedroom and my son has his own.
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