I was told yesterday i wasnt good enough for my fiance and i ruined his life and trapped him. This isnt the first person to say so.. This depresses me a bit i work hard to make him and my babies happy i try to give them my all i sacrifice everything so they are happy and have stuff i bought my self something nice in 1 year i let him get what he wants all the time and we get Harmony the whole world :'( havnt felt great today just feel like crying...........

Had to vent

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      WELL... truth is.. you can't MAKE someone happy... and if you do, it's always temporary.. unless they're happy in themselves and with themselves.. so this is HIS problem, not yours.. You may be able to mask it for a bit.. with how you act or things you do or give him or do for him.. but it's exhausting for you to keep that up at all times and then not be good enough anyway...

      I'm sorry he actually said that to you.. I would never speak to someone I care about like that.. Ever.. no matter how bad.. I would never say THAT...

      If he's so unhappy with you, tell him to go.. You'll all be happier in the long run .. it will be hard, but this is verbal abuse.. to say that to someone? Is gross and wrong.. and MEAN.. Tell him if he's so unhappy that he can go be unhappy alone.. and you go and find happiness within yourself and your childs..

      Don't let him speak to you like that.. Its terrible.
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