This one room in my house drives me crazy.

I really don't love my kitchen. The cupboards are oddly shaped and the counters are just ugly. It drives me crazy and if I wasn't renting I would have already re done this kitchen.

What one room in your house would you redo, and how? Let's say you have unlimited funds, just to make this fun!

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      My kids room drives me nuts.. they share and that alone makes it tough to section off and keep neat.. they seem to have so much crap... just stuff.. little rocks and coins and balloons and stuffed animals.. and they have a place but after a weekend,.. everything is everywhere and their desks become shelves.. and it's a small room, so our places to put any shelfs is minimal and already used.. and the closet is packed with drawers.. and their clothes.. It seriously.. drives me nuts.. I go in there and think okay.. and I don't even know where to begin... So, I just leave it and keep it not dirty...
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