What memories/traditions have you made with your children?

I have great memories of things we used to do when I was a kid. A big one was on Saturday mornings we always made a big, huge breakfast and then would crank up the radio afterwards to clean up the mess.

One that I do with my kids is every Monday morning I take the kids to the gas station and let them get a donut. It makes Mondays a little less dreary!

So what are your little traditions? If you don't have any, what would you like to start doing?

    Friday is our movie, games, pizza, stay up late night.. well late for them is 9.. but we all love fridays .. no homework, no lunches to pack.. it's just a nice family night with the three of us.. they play outside after dark..

    Sunday after church we get a slurpee.. or frozen yogurt..

    Taco Tuesday..

    Other than that we have our holiday traditions. but that's pretty much it..
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