Close with your siblings? Were you when younger or vice versa?

My sister is 4 years older than I.. She and I had the usual sister battles, but nothing hateful.. and now she's one of my best friends and has been since I went to College.. Now, she's one of the closest people to me..

I have friends that barely are even in contact with their siblings.. either they just never liked each other or something happened.. and I can't imagine..
I also have friends who are super close like I am with their brother or sister..

I'm hoping that my kids are super close when they get older.. they have their normal sibling stuff.. I'm sure theyll be anxious to get away from each other but I hope that they are close .. and have a connection like no other..

What about you? Close with siblings? Did you fight when younger a lot and grow closer or always close??

    I am the oldest. My sister (Amanda) is 3 years younger than me , and my brother (Philip) is 6 years younger than me. Amanda and I were close in a sisterly way growing up. Philip and I were close in more of a mother-son way growing up. Even at 6, I always wanted to feed him & change his diapers.
    Today the three of us remain close!
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