Sleep Transition

So when we moved from FL to AL a few months ago, we had no idea what we were doing with the packing and this and that so things got put in strange places and a lot of stuff (our entire kitchen) never even made it. One very important part that never made it was the hardware for my now 11 month old's crib. She slept fine in her pack in play so I didn't stress about it, thinking I would eventually find it in the bottom of one of our boxes. Once we had been through every box from the move, I started to worry because still no hardware. Thankfully, I called the company and they were nice enough to send me the full hardware set (normally around $30 something) for free. Yay! Today, I put the crib together, and now have to listen to my poor little one cry because she is now overly used to her pack in play and the crib is like a stranger to her. It is all I can do to not climb into it with her until she falls asleep, but I know my daughter and I am not about to start her on expecting that every night.

VickyPhenix City, Alabama
    Hmm.. I get it, but then part of me wonders if it would be so bad that she stayed in the pack and play? It's sort of the same thing right? Even safer really once she starts to crawl out.. I say do what works.. It's not worth the struggle .. I don't think.. I think with sleep, you do the best you can .. and if that means letting baby sleep in pack n play.. so be it..

    That's just my take.. she may like ti because it's more closed in, talker, feels cozier or safer.. I don't know.. But for me.. it's not a whole lot different...
    I wouldn't have minded the pack in play, if her younger brother wasn't about to be born. The pack in play has a bassinet attachment, and I will keep the baby in my bedroom with me at night for nursing throughout the night, and due to our small room, I couldnt just have him in the crib in the bedroom with it being twice the size of the pack in play. I can't afford to get another one right now so she had to move back into her crib to free up the pack in play.
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