Baby G diapers

1. Pick a gPant. Any color will do. 2. Tuck in an insert. 3. Close tabs around the back.
All you need to use GDiapers are GPants and inserts. If your baby is on the way, the Newborn Bundle is the perfect place to start. It has just what you need to get going with GDiapers for a brand new baby. If your baby is already here and bigger than the newborn size, we recommend 6-8 gPants in each size. You can buy them individually to hand-pick the colors or prints that you want, or you can choose the Sweet Bundle.
GDiapers, like any diaper, need to be changed every 2-3 hours (or sooner, if using cloth inserts). A 4-pack of disposable inserts will last about 3-4 weeks if used exclusively. The disposable inserts are great for babies with sensitive skin who may be prone to rash in other diaper options. Cloth inserts are also available. They work really well as doublers for when you need extra absorbency. If you plan on using the cloth inserts for regular use, you should have 18-24 inserts per child (or more to go longer between laundry).
Has anyone else tried these G diapers?

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