newborn-1 months old baby development

Physical development: rapid height and weight gain occurs. newborn sleeps most of day; establishes sleep-wake cycles. All senses are present.

Neurological development: brain is about 1/4 adult weight. Behavior is mostly reflexive. I would like to stop for a moment here and introduce early human reflexes.
-Babkin reflex: mouth opens, eyes close, neck flexes, head tiles forward. Stimulation: both of baby's palms are stroked at ones. Typical age of appearance birth and typical age of dis appearance 3 months.
- Babinski: toes fan out, foot twists in. Stimulation: sole of baby's foot is stroked. Birth-4 months old.
- Rooting: head turns, mouth opens, sucking movement begin. Stimulation: baby's cheek or lower lip is stroked with finger or nipple. Birth-9 months.
- Walking: makes step-like motions that look like well coordinated walking. Stimulation: baby is held under arms, with bare feet touching flat surface. 1 month-4 months.
- Swimming: makes well coordinated swimming movements. Stimulation: baby is put into water face down. 1 month-4 months

Cognitive development: sensorimotor stage begins. Infant can learn by conditioning or habituation. Infants pays more attention to new stimuli than familiar ones.

Language development: Communicates by crying. Recognizes sounds heard in womb.

Emotional development: cries signal negative emotions; positive emotions are harder to detect.

Social Development: Infant's arrival changes family relationship.

Self/Gender/Identity Development: I-self begins to develop. Parents begin to treat boys and girls differently.

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