3-6 months old baby routine

By three months, most babies will still be waking once or twice during the night for feeds, but many will sleep four to five hours without waking. During the daytime, some babies have two or three longish snoozes during the day, while others are happy with a series of short naps. At six months, most babies have learned to sleep more at night than during the day and it’s also time for a baby’s first taste of solids, which will help improve your infant's sleep.

3-4 months old schedule sample:
7.30am wake up and feed
9am nap (45mins)
10.30am feed
11.30am nap
1.30pm feed and fell back asleep for 1/2 hr
2pm wake up and play, going outside
3pm nap (30mins)
4.15pm feed
4.45pm nap (30mins)
6pm-evening activities, play, tummy time, massage
6.45pm taking a bath
7pm feed
8pm going to bed
4.30-5.30am feed

5-6 months old schedule:
7am-wake and feed
7.30 a.m -activity
11.00 am-eat
1p.m -nap
between 5 and 6 p.m- catnap

These samples are simply guidelines of how you can structure your day. By no means are you supposed to be following these suggestions minute-to-minute. Do not feel like a failure if your day doesn’t go as planned! You should always be in tune with your child’s needs. So even though you may desperately want to have an organized schedule, babies certainly don’t understand that.

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