2 children is it hard

Hey mothers I am on my second child I'm having a girl and I have a 3 year old son I was wonderin is it hard or wat to expect ls it going to be hard

    I am a mother of 3 boys. Ages 6, 3, and 6months.
    It is hard at times cuz everyone may need u at once. I had when all three were sick and its not easy. Its not easy taking them somewhere unless u have help.
    But they grow up together, and watching them grow into adults is amazing. Plus they will always have a built in friendship
      I am a mother of four, 8yr old son, 6yr old daughter, 3yr old daughter and 17month old daughter. I think that going from 1 to 2 kids was pretty difficult. It was hard for me to learn how to share my time and attention between two kids. The actual caring for them wasn't difficult, it was the emotional part. I felt like my second baby was somehow taking my love and attention away from my first baby and I felt very bad. It took a few months for me to learn how to split my time and attention between the two of them. What really help was watching how sweet and loving my son was to his new baby sister.

      Adding the third child in was a piece of cake and I had no issues at all adjusting to caring for three. But adding in number four was the straw that broke the camels back. Four kids was very hard for me to adjust to, too many kids with too many needs, I quickly became overwhelmed.
        Thank mothers
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        I think it depends on the ages of the children. For me it was more difficult adding a third, though I had the same kinds of feelings Katie did with number 2. When I had three they were 3 and under. It was rough adding number four but only because my girls seemed to get into mischief while I nursed their brother! They always seem to know when mama is busy and distracted.
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