started using licefreee

ok so we started using licefreee for everyone a couple days ago and ever since then we havent seen any lice or eggs. my neice has lice too so i told her about it and they arent gonna get it cuz they dont think she has it anymore. am i wrong for telling her if she dont get rid of her daughters lice shes not allowed over here

Samantha BomkampDodgeville, Wisconsin
    Do not allow her into your home or around your kids until her parents treat her lice. You are not wrong, you are protecting your family. Lice is highly contagious and will not just go away on it's own.
      Samantha Bomkamp
      ok ya i told her that they arent allowed over here til i know for sure that her lice is gone cuz my son is not gonna go through it again because she dont want to treat her daughters hair again cuz they think its all gone but when we used the rid stuff we thought it was all gone to but then had a doctor look and they found a couple eggs and so they prescribed us the same stuff again but we found something different and that is licefreee spray and it said its non toxic to kids and it kills eggs and lice on contact and ever since we used that we havent found any since been checking their hair every morning and night and spraying tea tree oil on their hair in the morning to prevent it from coming back. we treated everyone and washed everything
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